Nestor Gomez Jimenez, CEO of Minnesota-based solar technology company Litty Solar, becomes Midwest Energy News’ 40 Under 40 2019 Honoree

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MINNEAPOLIS, August 6, 2019 - Midwest Energy News has announced Nestor Gomez Jimenez as a 40 Under 40 Honoree. Midwest Energy News’ 40 Under 40 is the only recognition program that celebrates the clean energy contributions of entrepreneurs, advocates, utilities, regulators, and researchers equally. The awards program highlights emerging leaders throughout the region and their work in America’s transition to a clean energy economy. 

Each year, Midwest Energy News recognizes Midwest-based leaders and innovators from all sectors— industry, government, regulatory, business, academia, nonprofit, and advocacy. Those selected are invited to the Honorees Reception in Chicago to celebrate and network with the prestigious advisory committee and past award recipients.

Nestor Gomez Jimenez, CEO of Litty Solar.

Nestor Gomez Jimenez, CEO of Litty Solar.

"Solar generation technology has proven to make energy more affordable, more agile, and more accessible than outmoded combustion-based electricity which depends on corporation-owned fossil fuel supply chains,” says CEO Nestor Gomez Jimenez. “That’s why solar serves as Litty’s platform for making energy equitable for everyone with the will to be socially and environmentally responsible early adopters.” This perspective puts Gomez Jimenez in line with the steady progression of American values. Litty Solar is addressing a growing concern regarding the sustainability of energy driven by fossil fuel production.

“Over the ups and downs of building the business together since mid-2018, Nestor has remained resilient in the face of adversity and stays focused on providing flexible, clean energy solutions for people of all backgrounds”, says Peter Reese, Litty Solar COO.

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