Solar Power Is Reliable!

When comparing options for your new roof, solar energy will come up. There are all sorts of perks to solar energy, of course, but as a consumer you still have questions about the viability of solar energy. Reliability is one of the chief questions that comes up with solar energy. Here are 3 surprising reasons you can rely on solar energy.

Solar Energy Is Still Produced On Cloudy Days

As Minnesotans, it’s really easy to get caught up in weather worries. It gets cold in winter and we can have long strings of cloudy skies. But solar energy is generated on the atomic level, via photons kicking electrons out of their atoms to produce electricity. The sun is still shining in the sky, even when it’s cloudy out. Clouds significantly lower the amount of solar energy, but that doesn’t mean no energy is produced. Photons still penetrate a cloudy sky, just not as many as on a sunny day.

Avoid Blackouts with Battery Storage

We’ve all been there in one of Minnesota’s monster storms; some huge tree branch comes down and takes power lines with it and you’re out of power for a while. Because there is a disconnect in the energy grid, that would affect your solar panel’s ability to power your home during a blackout. However, solar energy is able to be stored in batteries. You can use those batteries to power your home in the event of a power outage. You can avoid having to purge your fridge of spoiled food ever again!

Solar Panels Last a Long Time

An average roof should last you about 20 years. Solar panels generally carry a warranty of 25 years. A 2012 National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Study found that on average there is a .8 percent degradation rate per year, depending on the brand of panel you buy. This means that even at the end of the 25 years, those panels will still be producing 80% of their peak output.

You can trust your investment in solar energy will be a reliable source of power for years to come. Contact us at for further information.