How does community solar work?


Minnesota boasts the biggest amount of community solar garden projects in the whole Country. We’re excited to be part of something awesome.


Community Solar Garden Flow


Step 1

You become a member of Cooperative Energy Futures and subscribe to be part of a community solar garden. After you submit all of your paperwork and sign a subscription agreement, you can then start receiving all of the full benefits.

Step 2

The solar energy that is generated from the community solar garden will be sent to Xcel Energy’s electric grid.

Step 3

Xcel Energy will give you a credit on your bill from the generated energy.

Step 4

To qualify for a subscription with Cooperative Energy Futures, you’ll need to be an Xcel Energy ratepayer, hence, you’re still connected to the grid and you won’t see a difference at night. The cost of the electricity you use at night will be offset by your community solar garden bill credits.

Step 5

As you get the bill credits from Xcel, you will be charged for the energy you’re subscribing from Cooperative Energy Futures.


Learn what the steps are to start saving an average of 6-19% on your yearly Xcel Energy electricity bill.