A guide to community solar


no more Road blocks into saving money and subscribing to a solar garden!

Stop trying to jump over complicated roadblocks. We want to make enrolling into a community solar garden subscription from Cooperative Energy Futures easy! There’s only six steps needed so you can enjoy responsibly sourced solar energy…not to mention you’ll also be saving on your monthly electricity bills.


6 Steps to Join a Community Solar Garden from Cooperative Energy Futures

Step 1: Submit an xcel energy data release form

This allows Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF) to size your solar garden generation accordingly.


Step 2: Decide the best subscription type for you

You have the power to decide whether you want to pay for your subscription on a monthly basis (PAYGo) or pay for your future energy up-front (Up-Front).


Step 3: become a cooperative energy future member

CEF is a cooperative. When you subscribe, you become a member and a participant of an organization. While a member, you get to have a voice and have the ability to vote on initiatives, you can become involved in their board, and you will also receive member dividends. There is a one time membership due of $25.

Step 4: submit an agency agreement

This allows an ongoing permission to access your Xcel Energy account information.


Step 5: ACH form completion

To bring the best value to it’s members, CEF asks to complete a paperless automatic payment agreement. This allows you to have more freedom over your time and forget about making any payments.


Step 6: Sign a subscriber agreement

This is the relationship terms between your organization/space as a subscriber and CEF.



How can I visualize the savings over a 25 year period?

Great question. Check out the chart below. Notice that the longer you’re enrolled in a community solar garden the greater the savings become? This is no coincidence. Xcel Energy increases their rates on average 2-4% per year, while Cooperative Energy Futures has a fairly stable price on electricity. The economics of community solar gardens make sense!


Savings Over 25 Years

This is an example of a 5kW PAYGo subscription. This is based that on average Xcel Energy will increase their prices 2-4% a year. Up-Front subscribers see a greater savings over the 25 year period.