The world and its leaders are under huge societal pressures to transform the way we generate and consume energy. We have a limitless access of energy through the sun yet we fail to utilize it. At Litty Solar we want to help people redefine how they produce and consume their energy. We see a surge in public perception that renewable energy is the future, and we believe that dearly as well. We want to enable Minnesota, Puerto Rico, and Mexico capture the limitless energy and help them construct the society of tomorrow.

Litty Solar was founded in 2018 with the idea to make renewable energy equitable in underserved communities and to assist in disaster-relief efforts. The foundation of our work is to empower communities economically and to make solar energy equitable. Economic rights are the foundation for human rights, and we at Litty Solar understand that dearly. We’re on a mission to give opportunity to those who may not have it. Litty Solar’s forward outlook is unlike companies of it’s kind. We want to tackle issues that are of dire importance to the world: sustainability and economic equity.