Our People


Peter Reese, Chief Operating Officer

Prior to the last decade building and transforming the smallest to the largest O&M and capital projects in renewables, transmission, and nuclear energy, Peter Reese began his career as a teacher and community developer in Milwaukee. Every day he is compelled by the knowledge that distributed renewable generation is THE solution for empowering a better future for all socially, environmentally, and economically.


Paul Reese, Senior Project Manager

With over 20 years of roofing experience, Paul brings deep and game changing knowledge to Litty Solar.


Nestor Gomez Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of being active in his community, Nestor brings passion and technological experience to our team.

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Tri M. Vo, Marketing Specialist

Tri wants you to know that Litty Solar matters. As an active member of many emerging communities, ranging from a progressive justice-oriented church to a predominantly POC punk rock band to inclusive improv theater, Tri knows that those kindling a light that brings people together are often those doing their work at the margins of the mainstream - that is, until the mainstream can't help but notice the power of the margins. Litty Solar is working those margins, and Tri wants you to know: that matters.

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Maaz Quadeer, Solar Process Engineer

Maaz was born and raised in Dubai. He recently graduated with a masters degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Minnesota with a renewable energy concentration. He is passionate about climate justice and he’s been active in the Twin Cities’ sustainability scene for around three years now working in areas such as community solar, electric grid optimization research, and environment justice.


Chris Boyd, Public Content Manager

Chris is an avid reader with a passion for renewables, the environment, and writing.