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solar Installations

We’re a licensed contractor and roofer in the state of Minnesota, so you can trust us to deliver great results in our work. We will try our absolute best to bring you the best value and we’re committed to exceptional standards when we install any solar system. You can trust us to install your solar system right!



We have expertise in both regular solar panels and solar shingles. In fact, we’re the only solar shingle installer in the state of Minnesota. We understand there is a different solution for everyone. Some people look at solar energy for the independence. Others look at solar to reduce their electricity bills while adding some good aesthetics to their roof of their home.


Commercial businesses are posed to see the biggest and quickest return on investment when they decide to be environmentally sustainable by installing solar panels. They become energy independent and save thousands of dollars over the span of 25-30 years.




When we say we work with non-profits, we mean schools, religious institutions, small-medium sized government agencies, and traditional mission driven Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Today is the best time to become energy independent.

Large Scale Installations

We have the expert knowledge to make your large scale project a reality. Wether you’re looking into turning unsuitable land in your farm into a community solar garden or a large business with a high electricity bill, we can help. Large scale installations are commonly cheaper to install per watt of power due to economies of scale.